The first session just ended

The first session of the Agricultural Growing and Rural Opportunities through Volunteering or AGRO Volunteering project just ended – launched by the Farmers Association of the Cristuru Secuiesc Area in 2019.

We had three volunteers for four months, for three activities: discovering herbalism, supporting local people and activities and promoting rural tourism opportunities. During the first session we had three volunteers

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Within these 4 months, our volunteers explored wonderful Szeklerland, they have helped in the everyday life of the organization and supported the local community with various activities:

My name is Julia Panera Soria, I am 23 years old and I have decided to get involved in this project because I thought I can develop my skills here which will help me in my professional career as well in the future plus the whole project is strongly related to my studies. But it was also an opportunity for myself for personal development and an opportunity to leave my comfort zone. My motivation was that I knew, I will help to this community with discovering and promoting local tourism opportunities.

We worked on this project 3 months and I can say that I am really happy, excited and motivated that I had the chance to participate in it. With our activity I think we could contribute to create something new and interesting in the region.

My name is Valeria, I am 22 years old and I am from Rome. I was working in a gym when I decided to quit everything and go for an experience abroad: that is how I have met the AGRO Volunteering project. I liked the idea of living in the country side, learning about new culture, having lessons of a new language, helping people by doing something worthy. That is what I have expected and…I am so lucky because I got even more than this.

Our project was about discovering the beauties of Harghita County, meet local people and talk with them. Besides that me and Julia – my friend and coworker – worked in team collecting impressions and producing materials about every place we visited in order to create day trips around this beautiful land.

Even this place is generally avoided from tourist guides, I still believe it has a lot of potential, and I am glad I had the opportunity to work on that.

But the project has not ended, the second session is just starting with five volunteers in March with big hopes.