The results of Made in, made by youth exchange

The Made in, made by youth exchange took place in  Cristuru Secuiesc, between 18 – 25 October 2015. In the mobility took part 36 young people from Romania, the Netherlands, Bulgaria, Spain, Hungary and Italy.

The goal of the project was debating issues related to local production through various activities. During the program, the participants presented the situation of local, national production and export of their country, discussed issues related to the theme by theater form and world cafe and created six videos presenting different local producers: how they started their work, which are their target groups, what kind of goods they produce, etc. The participants were divided in mixed groups and went to make videos in six different places: one group realized a video at a greengrocer, a team filmed how cabbage is traditionally soured, a group created a short film about the work of a wood carver, a team did interview with a person who processes medicinal herbs, a group presented the local dairy factory and a team filmed the processing of grapes.

In addition to the base knowledge of making interview, using camera and editing footage, participants had the opportunity to become familiar with the processes, activities carried out by farmers, manufacturers they visited: gathering and processing grapes, drying fruits, harvesting and washing vegetables, wood carving, milk processing and cabbage souring. Besides digital competences, young people have developed skills such as initiative, communication in foreign languages, positive awareness of other cultures. At the end mobility, the participants received their Youthpass Certificates to which they also contributed by describing the competences that they have developed.

The project was funded by the European Union.

The brochure of the project can be read here.