The Farmers Association from Cristur Area organized a 7 day Youth Exchange which was organized between 23-31 March. The title of the project was SUPERMARKET vs LOCAL PRODUCER = SOCIAL DEVELOPMENT and hosted 35 young participants from 5 EU countries. During the 7 days of this youth exchange, the participants did various non formal activities where they analyzed and found solutions to the ever growing problems related to not sustainable food consumption trends in our societies and social issues connected to food consumption in European countries.
The activities of the exchange included
– getting to know one another, Erasmus+ and team building activities,
– a whole day process of making groups, buying food in the city, for the breakfasts of the youth exchange and analysing the types of food bought, their sources, reasons for buying them, and alternative options
– visits and discussions to local farmers and market managers
– a community event where the participants prepared food for a group of 30 guests (decision makers, teachers, young people, parents, etc.) and where, during the dinner, the prepared food was divided for the guests and the participants according to the amount of food consumption in the continents of the world.
– another community event, where the participants reached out to some families that faced social difficulties in our city, to give them new alternatives and ideas on how to grow their own food rather than having to buy. This event was ended by cooking and eating together
– cultural activities and sightseeing events
– and closing activities which included planning for the future, evaluation and giving Youthpass certificates which assessed the learning achievements of the participants.
The objectives of the project were met fully:

1 To involve 35 young participants into a youth exchange where they can learn about the two types of food consumption, the globalized one and the localized one

2 To raise awareness on the simple changes the local and international target groups and participants can make in order to influence the sustainable development of local communities.
3 To involve 30 decision making members of our community in an awareness raising event for urging them to change their decision making towards more sustainable solutions and trends.
4 To offer new and creative options of lifestyles and trends to the 35 youth who will participate in the project, and also to the 5 socially disadvantaged families we will support in the exchange.
5 To allow our participants to develop their intercultural knowledge and understanding of Europe.

The project was funded by the European Union through the Erasmus+ program which is managed in Romania by “Agenția Națională Pentru Programe Comunitare În Domeniul Educației Și Formării Profesionale”