Choose what’s best: Work, Produce, Harvest!

DSC_0218Between 24.04.2017. – 30.04.2017., 36 young people from 6 countries, Romania, Hungary, Latvia, France, Spain and Lithuania met in Cristuru Secuiesc for participating in the mobility project called that shares name with the title of this article.

For seven days, this international group participated in the different activities included in a program whose main topic was the small scale agriculture, the local producers, in comparison with the industrial agriculture. Under this intercultural background umbrella, these youngsters improved their skills in expressing their opinions, debating and interacting through non-formal activity based activities.


During the theoretical sessions youngsters spoke about topics such as fair trade, child labour or health, everything related to the context of agriculture. Besides, they had the chance to experiences and try some field work together with different local farmers in Cristuru, Cechești and Rugăneşti. These tasks involved collecting plants and flowers to elaborate products, maintainance works at stables, building an eco house, setting a perimeter fence along some crops and farms, etc.

In summary, 36 youngsters gained in awareness about a nowadays’ popular debate using a non-convenitional way of learning: non-formal education.