Finished “Eco – Bio Conference for the Youth of the Carpathian Basin”

In between the 10th and 13th of August our association, the The Farmers Association from Cristur Area with the Farmers Association from Odorhei Area being partner with Friends Circle for Gersekarát organized for the third time the conference, what got the following name: “Eco – Bio Conference for the Youth of the Carpathian Basin” _DSC1821The three days conference hosted 50 farmers from all over the Hungarian parts of Slovakia, Serbia, Ukraine and Romania – of course many interested came from Hungary as well. The event were organized at the Berde Mózes Unitarian High School, where more than 15 interesting presentation were showed and present with experienced and wise performers._DSC1835

As the organizer team we wanted to make a conference what could be more interactive for the participants, this is why we decide to take everyone out to the local farmers for not just visit, but see and hear how their system works. In this case the first day, which was on Friday we went to Etéd to the “Secler Secret Palinka”s owner presentation and we had also the chance to taste the pálinka. After that we went to Korond to see a bio honey farm with plenty kind of honey. On Saturday, the second day we went to Kisgalambfalva to see the first aquaponia in the area. We had a nice talk there with the owner and producer, he even gave us some drinks, what were made by wheat germ. _DSC1859After the visitations on Saturday evening we had a product presentation with meat and cheese type of local food. It was interesting to try different kind of sausages or cheese made by boar or even horse.
Talking with the participants and the performers, we could say everyone had a good and useful time here. We hope that by going home each of us could take a little piece from the conference.
We are grateful for the Pallas Athena Domus Concordiae Foundation, the Ministry of Agriculture, the National Strategic Research Institute, the National Chamber of Agriculture and the National Cooperation Fund, because of help us to organize the event.